Drager Saver PP15 Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus (Soft Case)

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Drager Saver PP15 Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus (Soft Case)

This version of the Drager Saver PP 10 operates for 15 minutes, comes equipped with a charged aluminium cylinder 2L/200 bar and a bright orange soft bag.

The Drager Saver PP Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus (EEBA) allows safe, effective and uncomplicated escape from hazardous environments. The positive-pressure emergency breathing apparatus is simple to put on and operates automatically; the device features an integrated full-face mask and can be used in conjunction with other safety equipment such as ear protectors or helmets. Simple to put on and featuring automatic operation, this positive-pressure breathing device features an integrated full-face mask and can be used in conjunction with other safety equipment such as ear protectors or helmets.

When time is of the essence

In emergency situations the air can suddenly fill with smoke or toxic fumes and conditions can rapidly deteriorate. In such situations the only option is to escape rapidly, the Drager Saver PP gives the wearer that valuable additional time to safely exit the area. The Drager escape set automatically activates and begins feeding a continuous supply of compressed breathing air when the device is opened.

Highly visible, even under adverse conditions

The device can be easily wall mounted in strategic locations in potentially hazardous areas. Both the soft bag and hard case options feature photoluminescent panels and reflective strips for enhanced visibility even in the poorest lighting conditions. The Drager Saver PP is compact and lightweight and suitable to wear either across the chest or over the shoulder. The Drager escape set is made from highly resistant materials which is both washable and flame retardant and has been designed to allow water to drain freely.

Up to 15 minutes of lifesaving air

Featuring a simple, fail-safe reducer system with excellent flow characteristics, the Drager EEBD provides a consistent rate of air flow until the cylinder is completely empty. The device can be equipped with cylinders holding either a 10 or 15 minute supply of air and cylinders can easily be refilled without the need for special tools. The Drager Saver PP can easily be reset if a false alarm occurs.

Panorama Nova Full-Face Mask

The Saver PP comes with the Drager Panorama Nova, a reliable full-face mask featuring low exhalation resistance and providing excellent peripheral vision. The emergency escape mask is self-defogging and features an elastic head harness which is easy to put on in emergency situations and holds the mask securely in place even under the most strenuous conditions. The mask can also be worn with ear protectors and helmets for added protection.

  • The Drager Panorama Nova positive pressure face mask offers a higher level of protection, providing low exhalation resistance
  • A close and comfortable fit
  • Self demisting visor for clear vision
Size (H x L x D) 510 x 260 x 190 mm
Cylinder Charging Pressure 200 bar

LDV Output Flow L/min

500 L/min

Operating Temperature Range

-15 °C to +60 °C


  • EN402 (2003)
  • ISO 23269-1:2008
  • SOLAS Chapter II-2
  • Marine Equipment Directive and the Pressure Equipment Directive.
  • The Dräger Saver PP anti-static is suitable for use in explosive atmospheres (ATEX zone 0).

Weight (kg)
including cylinder

Soft Case: 5.9 kg
Cylinder 3L 200 bar

What's Included?
  • Soft carrying bag
  • Drager Panorama Nova Full Face Mask
  • Charged aluminium cylinder 3L/200 bar
Fixed Gas Detection
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