Frontline 30J F6

The Frontline 30J F6 Gas Sensor is designed for the detection of LEL levels of Hydrocarbon gases within a non-classified (safe) area.

The 30J junction box is manufactured from a flame retardant ABS material, coloured white to RAL 9003. The junction is supplied with a number of pre-assigned cable/conduit entries and a variety of fixing points for surface or stand-off mounting. The junction box maintains an Ingress Protection rating of IP64.

The F6 sensor is manufactured from stainless steel and carries an IP63 rating (IP64 when used with the universal fitting). The F6 sensor is both ATEX and IECEX certified but, when used in conjunction with the 30J enclosure, is suitable for installation within non-classified areas only.


Detector Head

Type F6 - Hazardous Area Use

 Detector Head Type

Ref C994



 Ingress Protection

 IP63, + Universal fitting IP64


Stainless Steel 316 S16


35 g



Junction Box

 Type - 30J Safe Area Use Only

Ingress Protection



ABS Flame retardent FR40

Lid Screws M4SS


Signal White RAL 9003


380 g


Rear 5-20mm knock outs. Sides, Top, Bottom - not specified


  • Standoffs - M4 or No 8 screws
  • Drill at (C) when standoffs removed
  • Conduit box - drill at (A) 4.5mm
  • Surface mount box - drill at (B) 4.5mm

EU Design No.


Technical Drawings

Technical drawings

Fixed gas phone

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