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Blackline Safety are a leading supplier in wireless monitoring and lone worker safety products.  Their safety solutions are designed to improve worker safety and raise more awareness to worker locations.  The Blackline range of products allow lone workers to share their whereabouts and conditions and also connect with emergency services, if required.  If a lone worker should collapse or experience difficulty on the job then a real-time alert can be triggered.  Read on to find out more about the service plans and the products.  Using Blackline Safety technology could mean lives are saved in a matter of seconds.

Available Service Plans

There are two main service plans available. The service plans provide alarm support and manage any alerts that may come through from lone workers. Choose to be self-monitored or opt for Blackline Safety's 24/7 monitoring service.

The self-monitoring plan means your personnel can monitor it themselves via a Blackline Live web-based software. There's no need for any installation.  The Blackline 24/7 plan offers full safety monitoring by one of Blackline's Alarm Monitoring Partners.  In this plan Blackline

manage receipt of alerts.  A portal is used to show the status of every linked team member on a real-time map.  Depending on the nature of the alert sent, the monitoring team can contact coworkers or even emergency service teams.

Both service plans are available with or without the two-way voice option.  This means that the monitoring personnel can speak directly with the worker through an industrial-quality speakerphone, should an alert be sent.  This is very advantageous feature as it gives both parties instant insight in to the situation.

G7c Wireless Gas Detector and Lone Monitoring System

Blackline's G7 is a 3G-connected detector, capable of monitoring 1-4 gases. It features integrated lone worker monitoring and can wirelessly connect to team members in an emergency situtation.  Alerts include fall and no-motion events and these have to be acknowledged by the worker to let the team know they are ok.  Pending alarms can be escalated by the G7c to the monitoring team, or the integrated red SOS latch allows the worker to manually trigger an alert for assistance.  Activating the latch automatically triggers a call for help.


There's a choice of cartidges for the G7c.  These allow the G7c to act as a standlone loneworker monitor, as a single gas detector, or as a two, three or four gas detector. Available cartridges are below:

  • G7 Standard Cartridge (no-cartridge service plan required)
  • G7 Single-Gas Cartridge H2S
  • G7 Single-Gas Cartridge CO
  • G7 Single-Gas Cartridge O2
  • G7 Single-Gas Cartridge H2S, LEL-IR, CO, O2
  • G7 Single-Gas Cartridge H2S, LEL-IR, O2
  • G7 Single-Gas Cartridge H2S, CO
  • G7 Single-Gas Cartridge LEL-IR, CO, O2
  • G7 Single-Gas Cartridge LEL-IR, O2

Loner M6

Blackline Safety's Loner 6 is lone worker monitoring device, designed to track the safety of workers in-field. A combination of manual and automatic alert safety features can enable an emergency response process.

The unit has a light system which provides the worker with peace of mind. For example a blue light is shown when the monitoring team has received an alert and has called for an emergency response.  A service pack with voice communication is available for use with the Loner M6.  This includes a two-way voice call which is activated by the monitoring team.  True Fall Detection® within the Loner M6 automatically detectors falls and activates a no-motion detection (man-down alarm).  The M6 also has the same SOS latch as the G7c does, which can be activated by the worker.
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