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  1. How do you control workers' exposure to dust?
    How do you control workers' exposure to dust?
    The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recently stated they will begin visiting construction sites across the UK to assess how employers are controlling workers' exposure to dust. With the aim to reduce the number of injuries and deaths within the construction industry due to lung disease, HSE inspectors will carry out checks at construction sites assessing their dust monitoring solutions...
  2. Facemasks for Coronavirus Outbreak: A Frontline Safety Guide
    Facemasks for Coronavirus Outbreak: A Frontline Safety Guide
    With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus and level of confusion around purchasing suitable Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) or Face Masks. Information around what types of protection are recommended has become increasingly important. The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy in the United States has released information stating the World Health Organisation (WHO) have warned of a shortage in the supply of PPE. This is due to a rise in demand, confusion with purchasing and inappropriate usage of equipment. Our guide will help make you aware of the most appropriate minimum level of protection for this particular application. What Face Mask Should I Wear When Faced with Coronavirus? There are certain factors you must take in to consideration when looking to purchase a disposable face mask, such as the application it's being used in and the type of contaminant being faced. Recent developments suggest Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spread via human-to-human contact, and respiratory droplets. Highlighting the need for protection when exposed to the virus. As Coronavirus is a new illness it's not clear what exact type of Face Mask and Filter will protect against spreading the virus. But there are recommendations on what type of protection may be best suited. WHO advise the use of an FFP2 or equivalent as the minimum amount of protection when protecting against Coronavirus. We've created a guide advising which disposable face masks are available via our website, based on recommendations by the manufacturer to provide the minimum level of protection required. Due to demand, we have limited the number of masks on this guide to those we have available in stock. For additional advice on efficient protection, contact our helpful sales team on 0141 771 7749. Continue reading →
  3. How to Choose a Face Mask and Filter - Frontline Safety Expert Guide
    Choosing a face mask and filter is not easy unless you know exactly which level of contaminants you’re facing and what your Occupational Exposure Limits are.  The following guide will point you in the right direction and make you aware of some of the issues you need to consider before you choose your face mask and filter. how to choose a face mask and filter Know which hazards you’re facing Continue reading →
  4. Ebola Virus and PPE - a Frontline Safety Guide
    With the Ebola virus continuing to spread, more and more guidelines on the types of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) are being published, adding a level of confusion as to the best and most effective PPE to be worn when dealing with cases of the virus. For example, the Centre for Disease Control in the United States has released more information on what it regards is the minimum level of PPE to be donned by anyone exposed to Ebola, along with the need for such persons to be receive proper PPE training. It's clear, therefore, that while Ebola remains without a cure, the use of PPE is absolutely to controlling the spread of the virus. In this guide we'll take you through some of the items of PPE which should be regarded as the minimum for anyone at risk of being exposed to Ebola. Continue reading →
  5. Are you at danger of developing Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome?
    CEL-960 Vibration Meter Kit Prolonged use of vibrating machinery and equipment can cause conditions such as Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Hand-arm vibration syndrome is the effect on a person’s hands and arms due to the transmission of vibration through equipment including hand-held power tools or hand-guided equipment such as lawnmowers. Other equipment used which could cause HAVS...
  6. Hazmat team called in to deal with chemical spill
    Drager CPS 5900 A chemical spill at a Cornwall industrial estate saw specialists in hazmat suits assist firefighters in decontaminating a number of people.   Specialists in hazmat suits were called in to help firefighters deal with a chemical spill in Cornwall recently.   Experts were called to Kensey Foods in Pennygillam Industrial Estate last week (August 29th) after...
  7. Building site safety targeted by Health and Safety Executive
    Drager X-Plore 6300Full Facemask The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has been targeting the nation's building sites in a bid to reduce the number of injuries and deaths in the construction industry. A month-long initiative is being carried out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) with a view to improving standards in the construction industry. The organisation is...
  8. Further reductions on the MSA Thermalgard
    There is now a 50% discount on the MSA Thermalgard safety helmet, one of the highest spec helmets available in the Frontline Safety range. The competitive price of just £16.95 (ex VAT) beats that of other sellers in the market. You can also qualify for free UK delivery when purchasing this item through This particular helmet features a glass-reinforced...
  9. Special Offer: MSA Thermalgard available at a discounted price of £27.10 (ex VAT)
      MSA Thermalgard Frontline Safety would like to introduce the MSA Thermalgard, one of the highest spec helmets available in our range. This particular helmet features a glass-reinforced nylon shell with a beaded edge which improvises rigidity. Compared to the V-Gard range, the Thermalgard is able to withstand elevated temperatures (but not exceeding 350°F) and still hold its strength. Frontline...
  10. Construction worker amongst the noisiest occupations in the UK
    MSA left/RIGHTHelmet-MountedEar Muffs A recent article by Safety and Health Practitioner focuses on workplace noise and in particular construction workers who face having the third noisiest occupation in the UK. This is just behind airport ground staff and Formula One drivers who face noise levels of 140 decibels (dB) and 135 dB respectively. Construction workers can experience peak levels...

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