After a period of planning, designing, developing, and testing we are excited to announce the launch of our new and improved website. Time and effort has gone into ensuring we create a user-friendly environment that enhances your overall shopping experience.

We hope you will agree that our new website delivers this.

Thought Process Behind the Change

Despite our previous website being hugely successful over its’ 4-year lifespan, we felt we could improve the user experience and the layout of our website. As with every process that involves change, we began by conducting research on our website’s analytics to see which areas our customers were using. The results from this were slightly surprising and it gave us great insight as to where we could make the most improvements.

So... What has Changed?

Firstly, our biggest change began with the homepage. A change was needed to improve our menu and further highlight our call to actions. We looked at a variety of colours that would enhance these and decided on a light blue. This merged well with our current branding and this was something we wanted to maintain. This was also applied to our blog website. We wanted to maintain our chosen theme across all of the Frontline Safety website.

Secondly, we wanted to showcase the products we offer from all of our suppliers in a more effective way than our previous website. Almost all of our new headers, banners and category imagery was created by ourselves and involve various members of staff. We felt this would let our customers get to know our team better as well as our products.

In order to do this, we required a location which suited the application these products would be used in. We reached out to Sibbald Training, who was more than happy to allow us access to their training site in Blackridge. Sibbald provides various types of health and safety training such as entry to confined spaces, site safety awareness and much more. So it was perfect for our photoshoot. Visit their website by clicking the picture below, for more information regarding their courses.

Finally, we wanted to improve our mobile website functionality. Our aim was to provide the feeling of an app when browsing our mobile site. We are extremely happy with how our website has turned out on both PC and mobile. It provides the user with an easy shopping experience, allowing them to find the required product much easier. Don't just take our word for it, check it out!

Websites are Always a Work in Progress

We already have a list of things we are keen to get started on. The development of new content, new features and further improve some of the features involved on our new website. As before, we will be continuing with building our buying guide portfolio as well as industry insight.

What do you think of our new website? The customer is our main focus and we are eager to know if there is anything you like or dislike about the changes.

Let us know!