This article will briefly explain what Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages are and how Frontline Safety can help with that.

Turnarounds are highly expensive planned periods of regeneration in a plant or a refinery. It involves stopping a whole part of the plant operations to inspect and revamp the site. This can be a rather costly process, as the cost for the equipment and labour can be extremely expensive, but also the revenue lost through turnarounds can be quite significant.

Planned closures are a compulsory part of the refining process. Turnarounds may be required due to the need for maintaining, renovating, or reequipping facilities - generally every four years. It can involve cleaning process pipes, upkeep of flanges or vessels, general improvements to site equipment and much more. This can often last longer than 30 days, depending on the work required.

As mentioned above, they require highly organised labour and top of the range equipment for a few weeks at a time. During this process, plants are often evaluated and scrutinised on their turnaround activities so it may be extended if inspectors feel it's required.

What Does Frontline Need From You?

For Frontline to provide a valuable solution with a plant turnaround or shutdown, we need a few things to understand what you need. Let's take a look at what these are.

Once you have completed a risk assessment for your shutdown, you'll have built an understanding of the possible hazards and be aware of the extent of work needing to be completed. This is where you approach us with your problem so we can provide a solution.

Turnaround and Shutdown matrix for understanding customer issue

Firstly, we must understand the products you think you are in need of. We can offer many gas detection solutions, but first of all, we need to understand what you are looking for. Gaining an understanding of your application will help us identify the correct solution for you. Applications such as:

  • Confined Space
  • Nuclear
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power Station
  • Refineries

After understanding your application, we can look into the hazards that these bring. Once we know about the hazards you may face, our team of experts can advise on the best gas detection to detect and protect against these hazards.

What Do You Need From Frontline?

Following on from the consulting stage. It is now about the negotiation and delivery stage, where we look into what we can do for you in regards to the products, lead times, and your specifications.

Frontline Solution Matrix - Product, lead time, and specifications

By this stage, we know whether you're looking for solutions to monitor standard 4 gases (CO, H2S, LEL, and O2) or more complex solutions such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) or Mercury.

After consulting on the type of detection equipment you require, this takes us to the negotiation stage. Where we can work with you and the manufacturer to provide the best possible experience.

Frontline Safety is a trusted distributor of many manufacturers such as BW Technologies, Crowcon, Drager, MSA, RAE Systems and many more. We have many solutions we can provide to ensure workers safety and a pain-free process.

What's Next?

Once the products and price have been agreed the onus is on us to deliver these in a timely manner. With well over 50 years combined experience our knowledgable staff will ensure the most suitable solution for your application.

You can read more on our hire page here or contact us to discuss your requirements here.

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