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BW Technologies

BW Technologies, part of the Honeywell Safety portfolio, is one of the world's leading brands for portable gas detection. Frontline Safety has been an official channel partner of the BW Technologies brand since 2014 and is an accredited service centre for gas detector service and calibration. BW Technologies' range includes some of the most comprehensive, trusted gas detectors on the market that have shaped the technology we see on the market today.

BW has an extensive range of portable gas solutions, including single and multi-gas detectors and area gas detectors designed for mobile use. Their single gas monitors include the industry-leading disposable BW Clip and Bluetooth-connected serviceable detector, the BW Solo. Their multi-gas detector range is the ideal personal gas detector, designed to be lightweight, compact, robust and user-friendly. The multi-gas detector range includes diffused monitors, including the BW GasAlert MicroClip XL, BW Quattro, BW Clip4 BW Icon and Icon+ and the BW Flex, all standard four gas configurations, making them the ideal compliance gas monitors. They also provide pumped personal gas detectors, including the BW Max XT II, the BW GasAlert Micro5 and the BW Ultra, ideal for applications that require pre-entry checks, PID sensors or more exotic gas configurations. For area gas monitoring, BW provides the RigRat, an easily transportable detector for remote and wireless perimeter monitoring.

BW Technologies also provides safety solutions like docking stations for servicing fleets of gas detectors, including the BW MicroDock II and the BW IntellidoX, which are compatible with their portable gas detectors. Their connected software, BW Technologies Fleet Manager II and Honeywell Safety Suite, allows site managers to create real-time connected solutions, improve device management and maintenance, and view real-time dashboards for gas detectors across sites.

As well as gas detectors, BW technologies provide many BW spare parts and accessories to enhance your gas detection capabilities. Frontline Safety can provide everything you need, from replacement sensors to back enclosures. Shop our entire range of BW Technologies by Honeywell right here at Frontline Safety.

Frontline Safety is an official UK Channel Partner BW Technologies by Honeywell. Shop thousands of the industry's most trusted gas detectors, including the BW Clip, the BW GasAlert MicroClip XL , the BW Icon and more. BW have one of the most diverse ranges of single, multi and area gas monitors for various application types.

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