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We are a recognised channel partner of dust monitoring, rain gauges, and noise monitoring equipment for Casella Measurement. This equipment may be used to monitor the environment and the workplace. Choose from portable monitors worn on the body or fixed monitors designed to monitor a set location. 

Casella offers some of the best air quality and noise monitoring solutions worldwide. With customisable bespoke solutions as well as off-the-shelf products ready to deploy in the field. 

Frontline Safety is an official UK Channel Partner of Casella. We have access to thousands of their top-of-the-range safety products, covering air monitoring, environmental monitoring, dust monitoring and noise monitoring. 

Monitoring Noise in the Workplace

In this blog, we discuss how to monitor noise within the workplace. 

Combustible Dust - Myths and Facts

Read our blog on the myths and facts surrounding combustible dust and monitoring equipment. 

Local Push On Tackling Air Pollution

This blog discusses a local push to improve air pollution in local communities. 

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