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We are an approved Electronic Instruments Ltd (ETI) distributor, an award-winning British exporter and the UK's largest manufacturer of digital thermometers. We have an extensive range of hygrometers, pH meters, moisture meters and more. Frontline Safety has been an approved distributor of ETI temperature measurement products for over ten years and proudly supplies products to a wide range of markets. 

Our temperature measurement range includes the ETI Legionnaires' Kit, a must-have product for those who need to test water temperatures as part of legionnaires' testing requirements. The legionnaires testing kit helps identify a risk of legionnaires disease and helps legionnaires disease prevention in various applications. The equipment is ideal for users responsible for frequently performing legionnaires' water testing. It's an industry-favoured solution for multiple industries and sectors, from schools and councils to utilities, landlords and plumbers.

Our sister website,, has a full range of thermometers, probes and temperature measurement devices from Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd (ETI). The range includes digital temperature instruments like thermometers, humidity meters, hygrometers, moisture meters, PH instrumentation, data loggers and more. Also, shop the range of accessory probes and calibration equipment. There is a solution for various industries, including catering, industrial applications and food processing.

Frontline Safety is an official trusted partner of Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd UK. To shop a full range of thermometers, probes, moisture meters, IR thermometers, hygrometers and more. Visit our sister website Thermometer Shop dedicated to temperature instrumentation. 

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