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Trolex is at the forefront of safety technology, specialising in the manufacture and supply of cutting-edge dust monitoring instruments. Their portfolio includes a diverse array of products, such as real-time dust monitors, gas detection systems, and strata control devices, which find applications across various industries, including mining, tunnelling, and hazardous area sectors.

Long-term exposure to dust, gases, and vapours can have serious health implications. Respiratory diseases are increasingly prevalent in the UK and globally, making effective air sampling crucial in the workplace. Trolex, a leader in safety technology, offers an advanced product range for dust monitoring. Their solutions cover both indoor and outdoor air quality sampling, ensuring a safer environment for workers.

Frontline Safety is an Official Trolex Partner with access to some of the industry's most advanced dust monitoring, gas detection, ex-connectors and strata monitoring systems. 

Overview Video Trolex XD1+

This guide shows an overview of the Trolex XD1+ Personal Dust Monitor. 

Trolex XD1+ - Real Time Monitoring Blog

Understand the critical role of real-time dust monitoring with the XD1+

Cleaning & Maintenance Video

How to maintain and clean your Trolex XD1+ Personal Dust Monitor.  

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