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TSI Inc. is an industry leader in manufacturer and supply of precision measurement instruments. Their air and dust sampling equipment can be used in countless applications, including aerosol sciences, air flow, chemical analysis, indoor air quality and biohazard detection.

Long-term exposure to dust, gases and vapours could impact your health. Respiratory disease is fast becoming a common cause of death in the UK and worldwide, and it's vital that air sampling is effectively used in the workplace. TSI's advanced product range covers indoor and outdoor air quality sampling. 

Frontline Safety are an Official UK TSI Channel Partner, with access to some of the industries most advanced air sampling, dust monitoring and fit-testing equipment. 

Quantitative Fit-Test Using PortaCount 

This guide shows how to perform a quantitative fit test using the TSI PortaCount Pro 8040.

Installing Sample Probes - PortaPunch

How to install sample probes into the TSI PortaPunch probe tool.

TSI PortaCount Pro - Daily Check

How to perform a daily check on your TSI PortaCount Pro Model 8040.  

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