Casella 5-way Battery Charger for Apex & Apex Pro UK

Product Code - 182108A

Casella 5-way Battery Charger for Apex & Apex Pro UK

Please note the Apex and Apex Pro are now obsolete.  They have been replaced by the Casella Apex2 and the Apex2 Plus.  The 5-way docking station can also be purchased.

Casella offer this 5-way battery charger for the Apex and Apex Pro air sampling pumps.  It’s important to note that this battery charger is not an I.S. version (intrinsically safe) and cannot be used with the I.S. rated Apex monitors.

This particular charger is for use in UK plug sockets and is able to simultaneously charge 5 of the Casella Apex and Apex Pro air sampling pumps.

Casella’s Apex chargers are intelligent and will charge units very quickly.  Drop the instrument into the charging dock and once charged it will be kept at peak readiness so measurements will be carried out with a full charge.  This provides an additional benefit of reduced downtime due to the fast charging feature.

Both the Apex and Apex Pro will provide sampling capabilities of between 0.005 and 5 l/min.  The pumps are great for various applications and in particular for the personal sampling of particulates in your breathing zone.

The Apex monitors have very similar features, however the Apex Pro provides the further advantage of being able to record information using the on board data logging facility.

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