Casella CEL-632 Octave Band Sound Level Meter Kit (Class 2 with logging)

Product Code - CEL-632B2/K1

Casella CEL-632 Octave Band Sound Level Meter Kit (Class 2 with logging)

This Sound Level Meter Kit from Casella features an Occupational Class 2 CEL-630 instrument with logging.

The CEL-630 series was designed to undertake the measurement requirements of noise in the workplace and environmental noise. The instruments are easy to use and comply with the latest IEC and ANSI international standards for sound level meters. All data is measured and stored simultaneously to avoid errors, ensuring the highest level of performance.
Models for both environmental and/or occupational noise are available, with the availability of frequency analysis and advance functions such as data markers, timers and logging of time history data.
This range of Casella sound level meters can be applied in occupations noise measurement, calculation of noise exposure, selection of hearing protection or boundary noise assessments.

Audio recording is a standard feature of the CEL-630 series with all models having a voice notes capability. This allows the user to speak into a microphone before or after a measurement so results can be annotated without having to be written down. Data can also be ‘marked’ during a measurement of noise in the workplace or environmental noise to signify either an anomalous or significant event. Audio is also recorded for later noise source identification. If the instrument is used for unattended measurements, audio recording can be triggered by a condition such as a given level being exceeded for a period of time. In this case additional data will be collected along with the audio which can be particularly useful where the noise source of interest is transient.

Workplace noise levels and environmental noise level can be made quickly and the displayed information can be made as simple or comprehensive as needed. The calibration dates and times are stored and downloaded to Casella insight software which validates the accuracy of measurements.

Other features of the CEL-630 series are the display which shows the battery status (up to 15 hours), memory capacity and measurement view selected. The memory capacity stands at 2GB which stores more than 1 year of continuous data

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IEC61672 2002 Class 1 and 2, IEC 60651: Type 1 and 2 (1979),
IEC60804 Type 1 and 2 (2000), ANSI S1.4: Type 1 and 2 (1983)
Filters IEC61260: Class 0, ANSI S1.43: (1996)
Measurement range: 20-140dB RMS (143.3dB peak)
Total Noise floor: 19dB(A) Class 1, 25dB(A) Class 2
Time weightings: Fast, Slow and Impulse simultaneously
Frequency weightings: A, C and Z (un-weighted) simultaneously
Frequency bands: 11 Octave bands 16Hz-16kHz (B&C models)
33 Octave bands 12.5Hz-20kHz (C models)
Amplitude weighting (Q): 3, 4 and 5 simultaneously
Back erase: Last 10s in cumulative mode (all models)
Timers: Duration 1s-24h, On/Off timers: 6 sets with
selectable times and a repeat function
On/Off timers 6 sets with selectable times and a repeat function
Memory: 1GB. (>2.5 years logging when set to 1 second
interval, 999 runs). All parameters recorded and
accessible via insight
Audio Recording
Low Quality 8,000 samples/s @ 8bit (64kb/s), up to 4kHz
High Quality 24,000 samples/s @ 8 bit (192kb/s), up to 12kHz
External power: 9-14V DC at 150mA
Tripod mount: 1/4” Whitworth socket
Relative humidity of 5 to 90% (non condensing)
Temperature of -10 to +500C (Class 1) and 0 to 400C
(Class 2) Atmospheric pressure of 65 to 108kPa.
Weight 332g including batteries
Size 230x72x31mm inc preamp and microphone
Measured parameters
Broadband LXY, LXYmax, LXYmin, LXeq, LXpeak, Lavg, LC-LA, LXIeq,
Octaves & 1/3 octaves: LXY, LXeq, LXYmax.
What's included?
  • 1x CEL-632 octave band sound level meter (class 2 - with logging)
  • Acoustic calibrator CEL-120
  • USB download cable
  • Batteries
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Executive Kit Case
CEL-631 and CEL-633 models additionally store 5x Ln values in broadband and
octave modes.
Cel-632 and CEL-633 models additionally stores time history data, all
parameters are logged for period times plus 6 selectable profile parameters
(plus 5x Ln values on CEL-633)
Where X is the frequency weighting A, C or Z and Y represents time weighting
Fast (F), Slow (S) or Impulse (I). All weightings simultaneously measured where

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