Casella Mains Power Supply

Product Code - -PC18

Casella Mains Power Supply

This universal mains power supply from Casella Measurement is an accessory of the CEL-712 Microdust Pro, a handheld dust monitor.

The 12 VDC mains power supply will provide the monitor with an external power source.

It’s important to ensure the instrument has a full charge before carrying out monitoring in the workplace.  The 3 x AA batteries in the CEL-712 monitor have an approximate run time of up to 13 hours.

The CEL-712 handheld detector can be combined with the Dust Detective Enclosure, TUFF air sampling pump and various accessories to create a short-term environmental monitoring kit.  Each of these items can be purchased separately or can be purchased as a full kit (Casella Dust Detective Kit).  
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Please note this universal mains supply does not come as standard with the CEL-712 Dust Detective Kit.  The mains supply must be purchased separately. 

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