Casella Metal Cassette for IOM Sampling Head

Product Code - P109056

Casella Metal Cassette for IOM Sampling Head

Casella Measurement offer this cassette as an accessory of the IOM Sampling Head.  This particular cassette is made from metal and can be used for inhalable fractions of dust.  The pack contains 1 piece.

The metal cassette also comes with a transport clip, making it easy to move around.

Being an accessory of the IOM Sampler Head means it can be used to house sampling media.  Any samples gathered will be retrieved and gravimetrically weighed or analysed.  Using the cassette system has an advantage of eliminating the handling of filter paper.  It is also able to closely simulate the particle collection behaviour of the nose and mouth.

Particle distribution sizes of around 100 microns or smaller are able to be collected with the IOM Sampler Head which needs to run at 2 litres/min.  Buy this product from Frontline Safety now.

In addition to the metal cassette, a plastic cassette option is also available.  View this product here.

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