Casella Microdust Pro - PUF Filters for Respirable (Pk 10)

Product Code - P118208

Casella Microdust Pro - PUF Filters for Respirable (Pk 10)

Casella offer these PUF filters for respirable size fractions.  The filters come in a pack of 10 pieces and are for use with the Casella CEL-712 Microdust Pro Dust Detective Kit.  Click here to purchase the Dust Detective Kit.

The Dust Detective Kit is made up of the Microdust Pro CEL-712 hand held monitor and the TUFF air sampling pump (also from Casella).  When used together with the Dust Detective Kit they combine as a short-term environmental dust monitor, which will provide real-time, gravimetric dust measurements. 

In addition to the PUF filters for respirable fractions, there are also two other options available for dust sampling.  Click on the options below to view these items.

Casella PUF PM10 filters for CIS
Casella PM 2.5 PUF filters (ideal for the Microdust Pro)

If you require more information on the CEL-712 Dust Detective kit click here.  The Microdust Pro can also be purchased separately as a handheld monitor – buy now.

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