Casella Spill Resistant Midget Impinger

Product Code - P109052

Casella Spill Resistant Midget Impinger

The spill resistant midget impinger from Casella Measurement is used for sampling methods which require collection of airborne contaminants by drawing them into a solution.

This particular version of the product comprises of a reservoir with a capacity of 25 ml, a standard glass steam impinger and also a fritted glass stem bubbler.

This spill resistant midget impinger is made from borosilicate glass (silica and boron trioxide) which is ideal for applications such as chemical laboratory work in the health and science industries.  Using this type of glass provides an advantage of having low coefficients of thermal expansion and also makes the sampling process more convenient.

There are other threaded midget options available.  Click on the products below to purchase.

Casella Threaded Midget – Bubbler
Casella Threaded Midget – Impinger

The products listed above make up a small part of Casella’s dust and air sampling accessories range.  Click here to view more.

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