Casella Stealth Noise Nuisance Recorder

Product Code - CEL-NNR/K1

Casella Stealth Noise Nuisance Recorder

The Stealth NNR (Noise Nuisance Recorder) from Casella has been specifically designed to monitor noisy neighbour complaints as simple as possible.

The kit contains a ‘peli’ style kit case, shoulder bag, 5m microphone extension cable, power supply, table-top tripod, pre-amp tripod mount, padlock and field guide. 

Please Note: a CEL-632 or CEL-633 Sound Level Meter is needed but is not provided with this kit. 

 This easy to use kit fits in a shoulder bag and after the equipment has been set up, can give the impression that nothing has been left in the property y of the complainant. 

Walk Through by Casella is the visual menu system in the Stealth Noise Nuisance Recorder which has been designed to be used by operators with minimal experience or training.  This also means there is no complex button pushing on the menu. 

Once in NNR mode the required parameters are automatically selected, including time history.  There is no need for any user-configuration this way and the operator will be prompted to perform a calibration.  Measurement is automatically started once a voice note is added and completed. 

Casella Insight is another product which gives an easy to use platform to download any recorded data from instruments, analyse it and store the measurements according to either the location or the complainant.  Times when audio has been recorded is clearly marked, along with the time history of the measurements which are shown in graphical format.  The audio recorded can be played back with a profile (down to 10ms) of the sound pressure.

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Case - 296 x 212 x 96 mm (11.7 x 8.4 x 3.8 in)
Bag - 181 x 77 x 167 mm (7.2 x 3.1 x 6.6 in)

Power Mains

220 - 240 VAC

Internal Power

3 x AA cells provide > 10h operation in case of power failure

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