Casella Tuff High Capacity Battery Pack

Product Code - 197088B

Casella Tuff High Capacity Battery Pack

Please note: the Tuff Pump series is now obsolete. See the APEX2 range as a replacement.

This high capacity battery pack form Casella is an accessory of the TUFF personal sampling pump.

The battery can be used as a spare to prevent any down time when the instrument’s existing battery runs out.  They have a fast charge time of less than 3 hours.It has an amp-hour of 2.7, which is the total amount of charge it can provide in on hour.  The high capacity battery (4.7V) uses nickel-metal hydride. 

Batteries can be charged when attached to the bottom of the pump and placed in a cradle.  They are also removable so can be placed in a cradle and charged on their own.

The TUFF personal air sampling pump is a tough, reliable instrument and has been specifically designed for use in harsh environments.  Applications may include occupational health sampling, sampling of asbestos and lead and also specialised industrial hygiene monitoring of dusts, fumes and vapours.


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