Casella Tuff Single Charging Cradle/PSU

Product Code - 197082B

Casella Tuff Single Charging Cradle/PSU

Please note: the Tuff Pump series is now obsolete.  See the APEX2 range as a replacement.

This single charging cradle is an accessory of the TUFF personal air sampling pump.

The charging system of the TUFF pump is intelligent and is powered from a universal 12 Vdc plug.  The charging cradle hold the TUFF pump body and battery as a whole instrument, or is able to charge the battery separately.

A visual light indicator on the front of the cradle will show the stages of charging.  A red light will indicate that the charging of the monitor is in progress and a green light will show that battery is fully charged.

It only takes around three hours for standard Casella TUFF pumps to charge, meaning there will be little down time for users.
An intelligent trickle charging feature means the battery pack will always be kept at full capacity till it needs to be used.

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