Ambient Monitoring, Humidity, Moisture Meters & pH Kits

In industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronic component production, food processing, livestock and paper mills the measurement of relative humidity (%rh) is important as many products are sensitive to different levels of humidity.

Ambient monitoring can be carried out using reliable hygrometers, humidity and moisture meters and also pH instrumentation.

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The use of a hygrometer is ideal for the applications above as it can measure the level of water vapour present in the air. This allows both quality and performance of products to be consistent. Moisture meters are commonly used in the building industry and can consistently obtain percentage moisture readings in a wide range of building materials. The ETI moisture meters are predominately calibrated for wood but are also suitable for measuring other building materials.
Also available for ambient monitoring are pH instruments which can be used for portable laboratory analysis in areas including food production, water quality, processing industry, fish farming and agriculture. The great thing about ETI manufactured instruments is they carry a two-year warranty against any defects in either components or workmanship.

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