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Chemical Plant

The following gas detectors have been suggested by manufacturers as being suitable for applications within the chemical plant industry.  Applications within this industry may include production process, general leak detection, confined space (so long as they have the ability to carry our pre-entry checks), liquid nitrogen carriers/storage, reactor work, tank maintenance and inspection tunnels.  Suitable monitors for these applications can include oxygen, carbon monoxide, chlorine, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, chlorine dioxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, combustible gases and sulphur dioxide.  PID detectors could also be used to detect VOCs in organic synthesis operations, liquid-solid separation and usage of cleaning agents.

We recommend checking your site-specific requirements and carrying out a risk assessment to ensure you choose the correct gas detector for your application.  Should you require assistance with this then please contact our Sales Team on 0141 771 7749 or contact [email protected].