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In the event of a fire situation within your premises or plant area, effective control (suppression) and extinguishing systems are required to prevent lasting damage or to reduce the risk of injury to personnel.

Fire suppression systems are available that utilise a wide variety of suppression products including water, foam, chemical agents, and inert gases. Each specific medium has its own advantages and target applications and our engineers can advise you on the correct choice for your specific demands. Considerations such as the material likely to burn, whether the fire is expected to be within an enclosed or open space, and whether this space is normally occupied or unoccupied will be applied during the review process to determine the correct choice of fire suppression systems.

For a fire to survive, it relies on the presence of the four elements of the fire tetrahedron; oxygen, heat, fuel and the chemical reaction that is combustion. The removal of any one of these elements can suppress or extinguish a fire.

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