Fire & Gas Systems

Fire & Gas Systems

Fire & Gas Systems

Fire & Gas Systems

Frontline Safety designs bespoke Fire & Gas detection systems – tailored to the specific needs of the project. With access to the portfolio of products from most of the leading manufacturers of fire and gas detection instruments, Frontline Safety can provide a truly independent view of the most appropriate and effective system for the risks presented on High Hazard Sites.


Whilst there is a risk of fire in any workplace, the potential on these sites, for large scale fires or explosions, is increased with the presence of gas or flammable liquids. Integrated fire & gas detection systems form the basis of safety systems that are designed to minimise the risk of serious incidents by rapid and effective detection of fire and/or gas release.

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A consolidated approach, with control systems monitoring for both fire, and gas alarms and with a dedicated, integrated philosophy for the management of resultant alarms will ensure that the fire and gas system is a key component in attaining and maintaining a safe working environment.

Integrated fire and gas detection systems can be designed for any size of business or any number of detectors. Monitoring systems for flammable gas, toxic gas, oxygen enrichment/depletion, flame detection, smoke detection, heat detection, or manual activation can be designed and supplied as a bespoke solution – tailored specifically to the demands and risks associated with the site.



The integrity of a fire and gas detection system is paramount. The system shall demonstrate a level of reliability, both in terms of its capacity to operate continuously without fault, and its ability to prevent spurious alarm occurring. Whilst the design of the system shall play a major role in the elimination of false alarms, the equipment hardware must demonstrate reliability and “fit for purpose” performance, even in the most testing of environmental conditions.

How we can help

Frontline Safety can provide experienced input at any stage of the project. From the early stages of the project at Risk Assessment stage or a site survey to establish the design basis for the fire and gas system, through to the design and implementation of a bespoke fire and gas detection system.

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