Frontline 203


The Frontline 203 is a gas leak detection system which is able to monitor toxic, flammable or refrigerant gases.  It has remote sensors which connect to a main control unit through a single 3 core cable. These systems use an advanced design and the latest technology to ensure they are reliable but still cost-efficiency over conventional gas alarm systems.

Each sensor incorporates a status LED, alarm sounder and relay. Sensor types may be mixed and up to 16 in number for the standard control unit, or up to 25 when used with an optional auxiliary power pack.  As an alternative sensors may be used separately without a control unit providing they are powered by a 12 to 24 volt DC supply.

The Frontline 203 can be connected directly to the Frontline Combi System as 4 direct zones and is designed to be easily installed.  This off-the-shelf system can be easily extended.


Additional Information

The central unit of the Frontline 203 provides four zones. Any quantity or combination of sensors may be connected to this system to provide low and high indicators which sounder and low/high selectable relay. When switched on the sensors will stabilise and all alarm functions are held in an off condition which is indicated by a green flashing light for 3 minutes. Two alarms will be used to indicated that a sensor is detecting a gas. This is shown through a visual and audible alarm. For more information on how the Frontline 203 can be tested please contact our Service Team.


Control Unit


Power Supply

  • 115/230vAC or 24vDC ± 15%

  • The two voltages may be used at the same time
    (standby battery)


50/60 Hz

Detector Head

1 to 16 standard


3 watts


  • Power - (Green LED)
  • Low alarm - (Flashing red alarm LED and intermittent sounder) latch/unlatch options
  • High alarm - (Flashing red alarm LED and constant sounder) - latch/unlatch options
  • Fault - (Amber LED and sounder) 
  • Fault monitoring - sensor/sensor cable/control unit - non latching

Sensor Cable

  • 3 core 1 mm2
  • Cable length - 200m max x 4 Alarm


Four link selectable relays S.P.C.O Relay

Ambient Temp

  • Operation: -5 to +50°C
  • Storage: +5 to +55°C




Weight - 920 gms
Size - L 200mm x H 150mm x D 80mm





Sensor Type

 Catalytic / Electrochemical / Semiconductor

Power Supply

12 to 30v DC


1.2 W


1 to 16 standard


3 watts


Power (Green Led)
Gas Alarm (green to flashing red – alarm 1 constant red – alarm 2)

Ambient Temp

Operation: -5 to 50°C Storage: +5 to +55°C




  • Weight - 115 gms
  • L 83mm x H 83mm x D 36mm


Duct sensor probe
Technical Drawings

Technical drawings

Fixed gas phone

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