Breathing Air Quality and Breathing Apparatus Test Equipment

It’s important to carry out routine checks for your equipment – especially when it comes to personal protective equipment such as masks. We have a range of test equipment available for the ambient air around you and also the breathing apparatus you use.

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Drager test equipment such as the Aerotest range checks the quality of respiratory air in high-pressure applications. Test your full face masks, chemical protective suits or compressed air breathing apparatus from Drager and MSA with specialised test equipment. The equipment can be used by those responsible the maintenance and service of respiratory protection equipment. Some of the units are able to be connected with the PC where results can be analysed. The test equipment is designed to emulate the human face and skin to a give a true fit of masks etc.
MSA provide test units which can also check the pressure of lung demand valves. You will have the option to test for pressure and leak detection. The Quaestor is an example of what Drager have to offer. It’s designed for use in small to medium respiratory workshops and is computer-controlled so static and dynamic tests are carried out using the PC.

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