Sensor Aspirator Units - Type 1 & 2


These sensor aspirator units (Type 1 and Type 2) from Frontline Safety consist of a pump and flow monitor and a tough enclosure. The pump and flow monitor will continuously monitor with the pump motor having a shelf life of up to 6 years. If you require room to accommodate an on board sensor/transmitter and a larger pump then a deeper box is required. This comes in the form of the Type 2 Sensor Aspirator Unit.

Additional Information

The ASU 1 & 2 can be mounted at chest height for easy access and viewing with the sample line able to travel to a high or low target area. The enclosure is made from ABS which is a robust flame retardant material and is suitable for safe area use only.


Pump/Flow Monitor



24v DC ±20% 70mA

Flow Rate 

1.5 litres/min

Continuous Running

  • Pump Motor - 6 years expected
  • Diaphragm - 3 years in air

Flow Fail Monitor

  • Green LED – normal operation
  • Red LED – pipe blockage (FF) 
  • OrangeLED – pump fail (PF) Sounder – not less than 85dB @ 30cm


  • Relay S.P.C.O 1Amp @ 230vAC – PF/FF/PF+FF
  • Selectable 5/12vDC NE or DE
  • Factory set – open drain

Sample Line

  • 6mm OD 4mm ID
  • Max Length - 25m, min - 1m
  • Material - nylon, polypropylene, PTFE


In/Out - push fit - barbed




Type - 30J Safe Area Use Only

Ingress Protection



  • ABS Flame Retardent FR40
  • Lid Screws M4SS


Signal White RAL 9003


 400 gms


  • Rear 5-20mm knock outs
  • Bottom 2-20mm knock outs
  • Top, sides - not specified


  • Standoffs - M4 or No 8 screws
  • Drill at (C) when standoffs removed
  • Conduit Box - drill at (A) 4.5mm Surface
  • Mount Box - drill at (B) 4.5mm

EU Design

  • 01359723-0001
Technical Drawings

Technical drawings

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