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Watermist systems are based upon the ability of small water droplets (measured in microns) to suppress or control a fire extremely efficiently since a Watermist system simultaneously cools a fire and reduces the available oxygen to prevent combustion from occurring.  Watermist systems are designed to force water through specially designed nozzles (with options for low and high-pressure systems) that create a “mist” of tiny water droplets.

Whilst the water droplets themselves are incredibly small, their combined effective surface area is greater than an equivalent discharge from a, for example, traditional sprinkler system and this increased surface area is very effective at cooling the fire. The water “mist” also provides a secondary effect of Oxygen displacement that reduces the combustion capability of the flames.

Watermist systems can be installed, and used, in areas that are normally manned. As the suppression medium is water, there are no harmful effects to personnel in the event of a discharge. Typical applications include data centre protection, gas turbines, machinery spaces.

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