We're commonly asked what's included with the MSA ALTAIR 5X Multi-Gas Detector. So we have put together a short post highlighting what's included in your 5X purchase.

Within the box of your ALTAIR 5X, you receive a few accessories to get you started with your gas detector. The first and most important part is the monitor itself.


To get your ALTAIR 5X Gas Detector working you also need the supplied battery pack. As shown below.

You should connect the battery pack to your ALTAIR 5X on the rear back of the monitor. After this, you will be able to switch your device on and get ready to start monitoring the presence of gas.

We recommend you read the manual and quick start guide of your monitor before beginning taking measurements or switching the unit on. You can find within the box of the 5X a quick start guide and an operating manual disc. You can also find the operating manual on the download section of our 5X page here.

Additionally, you receive a pack of filter covers as shown below.

MSA ALTAIR 5X Filter Covers

These offer more protection for your 5X filters and contains 5 pieces in the pack. These are placed on the back of your instrument next to the pump inlet.

You also receive a charger for your ALTAIR 5X along with a cradle. This allows the detector to be docked on the cradle at the end of the shift and providing a charge for the next shift.

MSA ALTAIR 5X Charger and Cradle

Finally, included with your ALTAIR 5X is a certificate of calibration that includes the details of the last calibration and the volume of target gas used. Every monitor that leaves our warehouse will be calibrated ready for use unless stated otherwise by the customer.

If you have any other questions regarding this monitor leave a comment below, or send your enquiry to [email protected]

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