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Portable Multi Gas Detectors & Gas Monitors

A multi gas detector works by using a combination of sensors to simultaneously detect gases of your choice.  You can choose the combination of these sensors or you can choose from some of our pre-selected detectors for standard four gases (LEL, H2S, CO and O2) and CO2, SO2 or NH3.  There are over 20 gases to choose from on most multi gas monitors.

Frontline Safety offer gas detectors from many of the industry’s leading manufacturers including Honeywell BW, MSA Safety, Drager Safety, Crowcon, GMI, RAE Systems and Industrial Scientific. Multi gas detectors can be used in confined space applications, marine industry, sewage works, fire applications and many more.  For more information contact our Sales Team on 0141 771 7749.


Some of our most popular multi gas meters include the MSA Altair 4XR, the BW GasAlert MicroClip XL (a popular compliance gas detector), the MultiRAE, MultiRAE Lite and the Drager X-am 2500.  These range from being cost-friendly, simple detectors to more complex and enhanced monitors.