Portable Air Sampling Monitors & Flowmeters

Continuous exposure to dusts, gases and vapours has the potential to impact on both your short and long-term health. With respiratory diseases being a common cause of death in the UK and around the world it’s important that air sampling in the workplace is carried out and monitored in an effective way. Choose from TSI Measurements dust and aerosol monitors or Casella's dust detective and Apex kits.

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There are both bodily worn instruments and handheld instruments available for dust monitoring applications. The bodily worn instruments are ideal for monitoring employee’s exposure to dust levels whereas the handheld instruments are ideal for short term walkthrough surveys. The Microdust Pro in particular is a real-time monitor for the detection of dust, fumes and aerosols. A benefit of this instrument is the fact it’s able to give you additional qualitative data which wouldn’t otherwise be gained with gravimetric air sampling methods.
The air sampling monitors are designed for portability and are ideal for industries such as chemical processing, construction and demolition, environmental health and safety and also mining, quarrying and tunnelling. Additional filter media and accessories are also available to complement the products in this range.

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