Air Supplied Breathing Apparatus Equipment

Breathing apparatus is a big part of Frontline Safety’s offering. The products are ideal for extended breathing durations and instances where you require a more advanced emergency escape device over a standard escape mask.

Set Descending Direction

Set Descending Direction

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Air trolley sets are available for those applications where a bit more breathing air and flexibility is required. They’re ideal for chemical tank cleaning, toxic spillages or offshore installations. The self-contained breathing apparatus sets are a more robust and technologically advanced method of emergency escape. These can be configured and you will have a choice of different cylinder sizes, pneumatic options and also harness and back plates.
To prevent any of the equipment making you feel isolated in a difficult working environment there is a variety of telemetry equipment and comms systems which can be used in conjunction with the SCBA. This should ensure that communication still flows even when it may become difficult.

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