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Rental of Safety Equipment at Frontline Safety


Hire Air Monitors, Breathing Apparatus, Escape Sets, Fall Protection, Gas Detectors, Noise Monitors and more!

Frontline Safety has a large fleet of safety monitoring equipment available for hire to environmental consultants, engineers, geologists and health & safety professionals to help comply with regulations and assess contaminant levels in the air and soil. We have a range of Gas Detectors (single, multi, area and VOC/PID), breathing apparatus, escape sets, fall protection equipment, and mercury vapour analysers available to hire.

Hire periods start from just one week and are completely flexible to suit your needs. Detect and Protect against various gas hazards such as flammable gases, toxic gases, and volatile organic compounds (VOC's).  Our extensive hire fleet can cater to all of your safety needs.

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Single Gas Detectors Available to Hire from Frontline Safety

We have various single gas detectors available to hire that can take care of your need to monitor a single gas for a period of time. If you are required to monitor levels of a particular gas but only need to do so for a short period of time then hiring a single gas detector is your answer.

We have BW Clips, BW Solo's, MSA ALTAIR, and ToxiRAE's available for hire. Contact us now! 

Multi-Gas Detectors Available to Hire at Frontline Safety

You may be working in a confined space where you don't normally conduct your day-to-day work. This may require you to monitor multiple gases for a short period of time. This is where hiring a multi-gas detector may be your ideal solution.

 Our multi-gas hire fleet includes an MSA ALTAIR 4x/4XR's, MSA ALTAIR 5X, BW GasAlertMicroClipXL, BW Ultra, MultiRAE Lite, Drager X-am 2500, Drager X-am 8000 and more! 

Area Gas Detectors Available to Hire at Frontline Safety

If you have a fixed system undergoing maintenance or want to monitor the atmosphere in a particular area temporarily. Then hiring an area detector is the perfect solution. These can be transported and placed in the field in seconds giving workers and managers peace of mind. 

Available for hire are the Drager X-Zone, BW RigRat, and the MSA ALTAIR io360.

PID/VOC Detectors for Hire at Frontline Safety

The RAE Systems portable PID, MiniRAE Lite, MiniRAE 3000, and UltraRAE 3000 are available to hire from Frontline Safety.  These are the perfect solution for VOC monitoring in various applications including hazardous material response, confined space entry and personnel or workplace monitoring.

Photoionization Detection (PID) instruments are standardized with a 10.6 eV lamp, but 9.8 eV and 11.7 eV lamps are available upon request for an additional charge.

BA and Escape Sets for Hire at Frontline Safety

We have plenty of types of Breathing Apparatuses available for hire. From Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, Escape Sets, Long Duration Breathing Apparatus and Powered-Air Purifying Respirators. If you have a temporary requirement for breathing apparatus then please contact us to discuss your hire options. 

Available on our fleet are the Drager PSS, Drager Saver CF10 and CF15, Scott Safety ELSA Escape Set, Drager PAPR, and Drager PAS.

Hire Fall Protection at Frontline Safety

Frontline Safety can also solve your working at heights problems. Products such as Harnesses, Kits, and Winches. If it is working in confined spaces or working at height on a construction site, we have you covered. Speak to our sales team to find out our availability. 

Air Monitors at Frontline Safety

We have many air and dust monitors available for hire at Frontline Safety. Ranging from the Honeywell Transmission Risk Air Monitor to TSI DustTrak's we have you covered. Get in touch!

Noise Monitors for Hire at Frontline Safety

With noise monitors from both Casella and TSI, we can solve your noise monitoring problems. If you have a large project coming up where noise pollution may be a risk then hiring a dosimeter could be the perfect solution for you. 

Jerome Mercury Analyser at Frontline Safety

You can hire the J405 Mercury analyser from Frontline Safety.  It uses proven technology to provide greater accuracy and usability for toxic gas and vapour detection. The perfect hire instrument for a wide range of mercury-related applications, typical users might include environmental consultants, Health & Safety managers, emergency response teams, hazardous clean-up operatives and waste recycling monitors to mention but a few.