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Calibration and Bump Testing Equipment

Bump testing and calibration of your gas detector is an important task and must be carried out regularly. This ensures that your monitor is working accurately, reliably and is compliant. To bump test your gas monitor or calibrate your gas detector, there are two ways of doing this.  You can either bump test it manually using calibration/bump test gas, a regulator and tubing or depending on the manufacturer there may be an automated way of doing this.  This is normally through a dedicated calibration or bump station.

Most guidelines advise that bump testing should be done daily or before each day’s use.  You can find out more about this on our blog – Why Do We Bump Test?  You can also read more on Why We Calibrate too.  Calibration and gas detector servicing is normally carried out annually or 6 monthly.  Again, it can be done manually, automatically or you can send it to Frontline Safety and one of our engineers can carry this out for you.


Our Glasgow Head Office houses our Service Centre and team of engineers.  Our engineers can service both portable and fixed gas detection systems.  Most of our portable gas detectors are calibrated in-house, but we do have a team of field service engineers who can attend your site to calibrate a fleet of portable gas detectors or fixed gas detection system.  Contact our team on 0141 771 7749 for more information on this.