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Facilities Management Application Note


What's Involved in Facilities Management?

It is a necessity for every kind of business to have a range of services, functions and support to help them provide their core business offering and services to their customers. Facilities management support businesses by providing them with the proper support they need to deliver to their customers and creates a safe and comfortable environment to do so in. Having a comfortable and safe working environment lets workers supply better service to their customers as they are more likely to have a positive attitude in their workplace. In contrast, a poor, hazardous workplace would have a detrimental impact on those who have to work in the environment. Therefore, facilities management has an essential presence in a workplace as it shapes and influences the nature of the physical workplace and the culture of the business.

Facilities management is relevant to many industries and applications, including offices and hotels, laboratories and hospitals, sports and leisure centres, care homes and schools and universities. Businesses can provide in-house facility management or outsource, using specialist agencies or third-party providers. Both management sources can have a very diverse range of considerations and roles across various businesses.

Frontline Safety has various equipment facilities management can use to ensure workplaces are safe, comfortable and compliant. Keep reading more to find out products we recommend specifically for facilities management.

CO2 Air Monitoring

In recent years CO2 monitoring in workplaces and public spaces has been an important measure to ensure that spaces remain at low risk of airborne transmissions to prevent the spread of viruses such as COVID19. The Honeywell Transmission Risk Air Monitor is a CO2 monitor that alarms users when a room contains levels of CO2. The alarm level can be set to the users' chosen points to provide alarms tailored to their needs. The monitor will display LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH, risk messages on the LCD screen using a traffic light-coloured visual alarm system.

Frontline Safety recommends the latest version of the HTRAM for facility management as it comes with access to a portal in which a user can view entire fleets of HTRAM monitors across different rooms and locations. Alarm levels can also be personalised for each device using the portal, and activity levels of each room can be set. This monitor suits users who need to monitor CO2 levels across larger public spaces, workplaces or schools. Find out more here -

What Gases are found in facilities management?

Legionella Testing

Legionella testing is a legal requirement for those controlling premises and workplaces. This means that all employers who manage or those responsible for premises with hot and/or cold-water systems have a legal responsibility to test and take preventative measures to control it. Frontline Safety recommends the ETI Legionnaires' Kit to facility managers for testing water systems for legionnaires disease. The Kit comes with everything you need to test a system, record the results and care for your Kit and equipment. The Kit has a 2-year warranty for the handheld unit and six months for the probe. The reusable Kit is a cost-effective way to test for legionella bacteria in water systems repeatedly.

By reading our dedicated application note, you can read more about legionella testing, legionnaires disease and how to carry out testing.

Staying safe from Gas Hazards

As facilities management incorporates a vast range of industries and application types, ranging from chemical plants to classrooms, there is no limit to what risks managers may encounter. There is a chance that various premises may hold a gas risk, and therefore, facility managers should ensure they have personal gas protection in place by using a personal gas monitor.

Personal gas monitors start at under £100 and can reach £500 + depending on the gas they detect. The most cost-effective form of personal gas protection is by using a disposable single gas monitor. Frontline Safety has a wide range of disposable gas monitors we recommend for facility management – you can find them all in our dedicated blog – A guide to disposable single gas monitors. However, a disposable gas detector sometimes will not measure the type of gas risk in specific applications. Therefore, a re-useable single gas monitor or multigas monitor may be required if there are multiple gas risks. Frontline Safety has an extensive range of serviceable single gas monitors and multigas detectors.

Gas risks are always unique to each application type, and therefore to ensure that you are correctly equipped with the equipment needed for your application, get in touch with our sales team, who can provide you with the best solution to your needs.

Fall Protection

Serious effects can occur from toxic gases, vapours, or liquids from inhalation, ingestion, or skin contact. Asphyxiation can occur due to toxic atmospheres, resulting in low oxygen levels. Additionally, there is a risk of explosions happening because of sparks, the character of some chemicals, or high temperatures. So, it is vital that risk assessments and rigid processes are put in place to mitigate these risks.

Respiratory Protection

Often facility management will need to have PPE in place to protect them from harmful particles in the working environment. Workers can use various masks to protect them from the particles they may be at risk from. Frontline Safety supplies a full range of Drager masks, ranging from disposable to half and full face protection masks.

Frontline Safety has a wide range of safety equipment and apparatus for facilities management on our website. If you require something you can't see on our website, please do not hesitate to contact our helpful sales team, who can find the right product for your needs. Alternatively, if you aren't sure of what you need and would like some guidance on our range of products, then get in touch, and we can help advise on what equipment you may need.

Products for Detection

Our recommended disposable and serviceable single-gas detectors for personal protection against harmful gases. We also recommend the HTRAM CO2 monitor, particularly the latest version with access to a fleet management portal. For testing water systems, we recommend the ETI Legionnaires' Thermometer Kit as a cost-effective way to check for legionella bacteria in water supplies regularly.

Products for Protection

Our recommended personal protection equipment features Drager facemasks, either disposable or re-useable, dependant on the application conditions. For fall protection we have recommended an Abtech high visability harness to use in a fall protection system for when working at height. MSA Safety also provide fall protection including lanyards to be used with other fall protection equipment.