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We have shared some of our most frequently asked questions from our customers in regard to Frontline Safety's servicing of Fixed Gas Detection Systems.  The following FAQs cover questions on calibration certificates, fixed gas detection systems, and the purchase of spare parts and sensors for this equipment.  If your question is not answered below, please contact our Service or Sales Team.  Call 0141 771 7749.  If you have portable gas detection monitors you can also check out our FAQs for this equipment.

  • Purchasing of Service Items - Where can I buy spare parts for my gas detector?

    We hold a range of spare parts in stock and any we do not hold can be placed on order from the manufacturer.  Due to expiry dates and different limitations of some parts, it is not always possible to hold stock. To check stock or place an order for your replacement sensors please speak to our Sales Team on 0141 771 7749 or email us at [email protected].  You can also find a range of gas detection spares and accessories on our website.

  • Service of Fixed Gas Detection Systems - How long will it take for the engineer to service/calibrate the sensor?

    This depends on each individual monitor and system. Our engineer will be able to advise an estimated time, however it should be taken into consideration that this time may vary after the initial physical inspection of the systems.
  • Service of Fixed Gas Detection Systems - What is the best way to keep my gas detector in good working order?

    Like most instruments, any physical deterioration of the unit can impact its ability to detect gas accurately. The instruments and surrounding area should be kept clear of obstruction and contamination (by dust, liquids, etc.) and inspected regularly, with any damage reported immediately to Frontline's engineers.

  • Service of Fixed Gas Detection Systems - Why don’t your engineers have the parts necessary to fix my system on the initial service visit, rather than having to return to replace faulty components?

    Whilst we hold a range of replacement parts for various systems, factors such as expiration dates must be taken into consideration as to why we don't hold everything. There may be hundreds of parts available for all different types of systems so unfortuantely it's not always possible to hold stock. We will however aim to hold essential parts and will always try and pre-order what we can before a visit. However, sometimes an inspection is required first. We would also encourage customers to hold certain spare parts on site, those that we consider "critical" to the continued operation of the system.
  • Service of Fixed Gas Detection Systems - Can my process keep running while the engineer carry’s out the service/calibration visit?

    This will depend exactly on how the system is configured but, in most cases, yes. The Control System may be inhibited during the Calibration of the devices, meaning that parts of the system will not be able to detect gas, but this does not necessarily mean your Process(es) need to be disabled.

  • Service of Fixed Gas Detection Systems - Are there any hazardous materials used during the service/calibration visit?

    Calibration gases (cylinders of compressed gas) will likely be used during normal calibration procedures. Safety Data Sheets are available for all test gases.
  • Service of Fixed Gas Detection Systems - Do you supply a COSHH certificate for any hazardous materials used during the service?

    COSHH Risk Assessments are available for all calibration gases used during service.

  • Service of Fixed Gas Detection Systems - What is the best way to keep my gas detector in good working order?

    By having it serviced biannually and storing it in a clean environment when not in use.

  • Purchase of Service Items for Fixed Gas Detection - What is the delivery time on spare parts?

    This varies between manufacturers. We will always aim to either keep stock to ensure quick delivery or if this is not possible, then our Service Administrator will advise the best possible delivery time from the manufacturer at that time.
  • Purchase of Service Items for Fixed Gas Detection - Why is the cost of my repair as expensive as buying a new unit?

    Some spare parts, such as sensors can be extremely costly, almost as much as a new detector. There also may be too much damage to be repaired and the spare parts required may be more than the actual cost of a new unit. Our engineers will advise you if your unit is BER (beyond economical repair) and will offset the cost of inspection against the cost of a new unit, should you wish to replace it.
  • Calibration Certificate - Will I receive a calibration certificate with my gas detector?

    Yes, our gas detectors come calibrated and a certificate of calibration/service will be included with the unit.

  • Calibration Certificate - I’ve lost my calibration certificate, how do I get a replacement?

    If your gas detector or item has been calibrated or serviced by one of our engineers then a copy of your calibration certificate will be held on our system. If it's something that has been calibrated by a manufacturer then we may be able to request this on your behalf, using the serial number shown on the item. Please contact our service team - [email protected].



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