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Fixed Gas Detection Equipment & Systems

Fixed gas detection is at the forefront of Frontline Safety’s product offering. We can offer the sale, commissioning and installation of fixed gas detection systems from manufacturers such as Drager Safety, Crowcon Detection, MSA Safety, GMI and Honeywell.  Fixed detectors are ideal for areas in power generation, landfill sites, food processing, laboratories, for combustible detection in medical applications. 

Fixed gas detection systems can be made up of various elements, depending on what you require, such as controllers, sensors and junction boxes.  We have a dedicated team of engineers who can address your needs and can build a system are your requirements.  Call us on 0141 771 7749 for more information on what services we can offer you.  We also offer fixed gas detection system calibration and servicing on site at your premises.


Our service team are always on hand to help with the configuration of fixed systems.  Their combined experience means they have worked with a selection of manufacturers in installing and commissioning.  They also specialise in the aftercare of your systems and can offer 6-monthly or annual visits to ensure your fixed detectors are always compliant and calibrated.