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Since its founding in 1976, Industrial Scientific has pioneered numerous gas-detecting technologies, including the 3-gas detector, 6-gas detector and a wireless detector. They even had one of their products become the first gas detector to be included on a NASA space shuttle. Industrial Scientific prides itself on its innovative and industry-leading technologies and equipment. Their expertise has resulted in Industrial Scientific becoming “a leader in providing global gas detection products, services and solutions for worksites”.

The Industrial Scientific gas detection range includes single, multi, and area monitors with many sensor options and monitor technology. Industrial Scientific single gas monitors include the T40 II Rattler and the Tango TX1, both reusable and serviceable monitors. They also offer a Tango TX2 that features dual sensors to detect two different gases and does not need to be charged. The Industrial Scientific GasBadge is designed to provide a lifetime of gas detection; with the ability to change the sensor type to different gases required to detect, there is no need for multiple single gas monitors with different gas configurations.

The multi-gas detector range includes an Industrial Scientific 4 gas monitor and a five-gas monitor with a vast range of sensor configurations, including a standard four-gas and additional exotic and PID sensor options. The Ventis Pro 5 and Ventis MX4 can choose pumped or diffused monitoring modes to allow for pre-entry checks into confined spaces and personal gas monitoring when working. The Ventis Slide-on pump lets users transform their diffused monitor into a pumped monitor, helping keep gas detection costs to a minimum and allowing for versatile gas detection. 

The Radius BZ1 is Industrial Scientific’s area monitoring solution that can be left on-site with a run time of up to 7 days (depending on site conditions) and has an alarm dB of 109dB. The Radius BZ1 includes catalytic bead, electrochemical and photoionization sensor options to suit a variety of sites and application types. Industrial Scientific also provides LENS Wirless;  a wireless gas detection solution with their monitors that allow networks to share gas readings, raise panic and alarm down alarms and connect full sites through their gas detectors.

Frontline Safety is an official UK Channel Partner of Industrial Scientific gas detection products and solutions. From their single gas T40 II Rattler to their Ventis Pro 5 gas monitor and Radius BZ1 with connected technologies, we can help you find the perfect solution for your gas detection needs with Industrial Scientific.

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