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If you’re looking for quality thermometers and temperature probes we can offer you a large selection of these from the UK’s largest digital thermometer manufacturer – ETI LTD. For a full range of thermometers, probes and accessories visit our specialist website -

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Frontline Safety Customer Reviews

Temperature probes are an important purchase as they are the part which is used to physically measure items. These probes complement the thermometers and the data loggers also available. The great thing about the ETI thermometers is they’re suitable for a variety of applications and industries including radiator balancing, HVAC and even the food industry. There are both industrial thermometers and infrared thermometers available. The infrared thermometers in particular carry out non-contact surface temperature measurement using infrared energy.
If you’re looking for a way of recording measurements of temperature over a period of time then the ETI Data loggers are perfect. They’re cost-effective and designed for ease of use and reliability. Applications which are ideal for data loggers include the food processing industry, agriculture, laboratories, refrigeration, environmental, logistics, museums and archives and also the medical industry.

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