Smoke Hoods, Escape Sets and Respirators

You’re in an emergency situation and need to make a fast, straightforward escape. The escape hoods, masks and rescuers offered by Frontline Safety will do exactly this.

Manufactured by Drager and MSA, these escape devices can offer up to 60 minutes of protection from various toxic gases and particulates such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen chloride, sulphur dioxide and also ammonia.

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The filtered escape devices come in small, compact packaging and can easily be stored until they need to be used. Some devices come in the form of a hood which covers the face, head and neck; whereas others can be simply clipped onto the nose and protect your respiratory system.
If you’re looking to be provided with an air supply rather than using filter protection then the oxygen escape devices are ideal for your application. The Drager Saver CF and Saver sets in particular can be used in offshore applications and feature an anti-static case which is suitable for explosive atmospheres (ATEX Zone 0). Rest assured this extensive offering of products will allow you make your escape from a hazardous situation quickly and safely.

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