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RAE Systems, by Honeywell, is an industry-trusted leader for VOC monitoring that provides VOC detectors and solutions to the harshest of applications and industries. Their range of handheld PID monitors comes equipped with ATEX ratings over 200 correctional factors and are some of the most advanced compound-specific monitors on the market. Their handheld VOC detectors include the RAE Systems UltraRAE 3000, the PPBRAE 3000, the MultiRAE Lite and the MiniRAE 3000 and MiniRAE Lite.

Although famous for their photoionisation (PID) VOC detectors, RAE Systems also supply portable gas detectors in various configurations, including toxic and exotic gases. They provide a single gas detector, the RAE Systems ToxiRAE Pro, with over 20 gas configurations, including extended and exotic electrochemical gas sensor options, wireless options and datalogging capabilities. The RAE Systems multigas monitor range includes the MultiRAE, MultiRAE Lite, MultiRAE Pro and RAE Systems QRAE 3. The full range includes options for diffused or pumped monitoring of different gas configurations, including the standard four and ATEX-certified monitors. 

RAE Systems gas detection suits applications that risk volatile organic compounds, like offshore shutdowns, turnarounds and outages, entry pre-screening on refineries and plants, marine and hazardous material response and refinery downstream monitoring. Even though technologically advanced, their handheld PID detectors are user-friendly, simple to use and ergonomic - ideal for harsh, industrial applications.

Frontline Safety is an approved RAE Systems portable gas detector distributor and is an official service and calibration centre for the aftercare of RAE Systems products. Our engineers are fully trained and experienced in PID detector service and calibrations. We can also provide RAE Systems calibration gas, docking stations and RAE Systems software that can allow you to calibrate and monitor your fleet of RAE Systems gas and PID detectors.

Frontline Safety is an official UK Channel Partner of RAE Systems that supplies single, multi and PID gas monitors for detecting VOCs.  PID Photoionisation detectors are designed to monitor a group of gases known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be vapours from things like solvents or fuels. 

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