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Fixed Gas Detection Systems


What are Fixed Gas Detection Systems?

Fixed gas detection is a static system designed to detect the presence of hazardous gases and vapours within a monitored area. Depending on the type of gas present, the fixed detection system will house specified sensors to detect any increase or decrease in the concentration of gas present. Upon detection, an alarm will alert people to the presence of gas. Fixed gas detection monitors are modular, so Frontline Safety can build an effective system that suits your workplace requirements and protects your people and assets, from the type of sensors to the kind of alarm.

The systems are installed in many different environments, including large industrial sites, commercial workplaces, laboratories, car parks, plant rooms and many more. Our team are experts in their field and are trained in supplying and installing some of the industry's biggest gas detection providers, including MSA, Crowcon, Drager Safety and Honeywell. Contact our team today by calling 0141 771 7749, emailing [email protected] or completing the enquiry form below.

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How Can Frontline Safety Help?

We can offer a range of bespoke services to support the design, installation and commissioning and servicing of Fixed Gas Detection Systems. Read on to find out more.

  • Install and Commissioning

    Our engineers will plan, configure and install your fixed gas detection system per your requirements and the environment. They can advise on the number and type of sensors, ensure that the gas detector works alongside any of your existing systems and then will thoroughly test to ensure it's working as it should.

    Frontline Safety has installed and commissioned fixed gas detection systems across the UK, including on-shore and offshore facilities, classified hazardous areas and sites with extreme environmental conditions.

  • Calibration of Fixed Gas Systems

    The routine calibration and service of fixed gas detection systems are crucial in ensuring they function correctly and accurately detect gas concentration levels. Our field engineers will visit your site to carry out this service, ordinarily bi-annual or annually, depending on your workplace requirements and gas type. They will calibrate by measuring the output of the fixed detector against a known concentration of gas and adjusting the monitor's settings to meet a specified output. Once this is complete, the engineer will ensure it's working accurately and inspect the system for any damage or wear and tear. Should your system require any spare parts, then this will be communicated to you at that time. Our partnership with some of the industry's most prominent manufacturers means we can access many products to help with this maintenance.
  • Design and Integration

    Our team of experienced engineers can carry out both the design and integration of your fixed gas detection system. The design solution process will determine what type of system you require and consider where this can be installed. The system can consist of a control panel, sensors, alarms and other components. The control panel can be designed to not only monitor the system as a whole but can also report back other valuable data. The panel often links to a computer interface, so further data analysis and reporting can occur. Our team also performs the installation part of our service, ensuring the system is wired correctly and integrated into your existing environment and safety protocols. We can design systems with your environment in mind; whether this is in accordance with space requirements or a hazardous area classification, we will accommodate your needs.

  • Audit of Fixed Gas Systems

    An audit of your existing fixed fire and gas systems will ensure it's in proper working order. It will provide you, your staff and your assets with the necessary safety and environmental protection. Our engineer's audit will include tests on the system's operation, the sensors and verification of the maintenance and testing of the alarm system.

    Our engineer will share any recommendations from the audit. The audit may suggest improvements to an existing system or recommend installing a new one.

  • Site Survey

    A review of your site, plant, or building can be conducted by our engineers to determine the most appropriate equipment required for the risks involved in your everyday processes. A report will be generated, to be used in conjunction with a risk assessment, detailing a proposed solution for fire and gas detection within your business.

  • Engineered Solutions

    Where a particular application requires a bespoke approach to the fire detection system, Frontline Safety can provide engineered solutions to meet the specific demands.  Fire alarm panels can be built into specialist enclosures to provide protection from environmental conditions, to meet the demands of a Hazardous Area classification, or simply to meet existing space requirements. Specialist control panels can be built to accommodate additional sounder circuits, provide flexible interfaces to third party systems, or to include manual isolation or over-ride controls for certain input/output signals.  Our systems will support the integration of services, such as GSM telemetry systems, annunciator panels, serial communications to third party systems (BMS, SCADA, etc.).

Our Fixed Gas Detection Products and Spares

We can offer a range of fixed gas detection systems, with a number of sensors, components and accessories.
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We offer a range of fixed gas detection systems with several sensors, components and acces sories from some of the industry's biggest manufacturers . Browse our website for more information on our products, including datasheets.


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