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Portable Photoionization Detectors (PID)

Photoionisation detectors are designed to monitor a group of gases known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be vapours from things like solvents or fuels.  The technology in a PID sensor includes a lamp with a high-energy UV light.  This breaks down VOCs in the vicinity into negative and positive ions and then measures the concentration of the ionised gas and VOCs in the air.  PID gas detectors are advanced and can accurately detect over 300 VOCs – just select the correct lamp for your sensor and the gas you want to detect.


Some of our most popular PID photoionsation detectors include the GasAlert Micro 5 PID, the MSA Altair 5X PID, the MiniRAE PID monitors and the ppbRAE 3000.  RAE Systems PID detectors are popular for detecting benzene, such as the UltraRAE 3000.  These can be used in a number of industries such as oil and gas and for carrying out tasks in industrial hygiene, leak detection and handling of hazardous materials.