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Gas Detection Tubes

Gas detection tubes are perfect for short-term measurement of gas and on-spot measurements.  Frontline Safety has Drager and RAE Systems tubes available in a range of gases. Drager tubes are operated with a Drager Accuro Pump and normally come in packs of 8-10 pieces.  RAE Systems tubes are operated with the UltraRAE 3000 PID gas detector.

Detection tubes can cover gases that traditionally would not be detected by one of our standard single or multi gas detectors.  There are over 500 different gases that can be measured using Drager detector tubes.  They are extremely versatile and can be used in industrial applications, laboratories, and environmental tasks.

Not only do Drager offer short-term and diffusion tubes for detecting gas, but they also have air flow test tubes which help to identify air flow movements.  Some of our most popular Draeger tubes detect hydrogen sulphide H2S, ammonia NH3, benzene, carbon dioxide CO2, carbon monoxide CO and ozone O3 gas.


Also available in our gas detection tube range are RAE-Sep tubes.  These are from the manufacturer RAE Systems and are for use with the UltraRAE series of PID gas detectors.  They have a range of zeroing tubes and benzene separation tubes for use with the UltraRAE 3000 for detecting benzene.