Fixed Gas Detection Systems

Fixed Gas Detection Systems

Fixed Gas Detection Systems

Fixed Gas Detection Systems

Throughout industry there are a great number of businesses that use, or produce, industrial gases as part of their everyday processes. Despite the most stringent safety measures within these processes, there exists the possibility that some of these gases may escape into the working environment. To ensure that operators, the plant, and the environment are not put at any un-necessary risk an effective gas detection system is required to provide the earliest possible warning of a gas leak.

Frontline safety provides gas detection systems to protect critical areas of your business. Be that protecting personnel from toxic gases, protecting assets from the explosion risk of flammable gas, or ensuring a safe working environment by monitoring for Oxygen depletion, Frontline Safety can supply the system to suit your requirements.

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Controllers are the core of every gas detection system. From single point to large multi-area systems the gas detection controller will co-ordinate the alarm signals from the sensors and provide the necessary outputs to audible/visual alarm devices.

Frontline Safety provides a range of Gas Detection controllers from the single point Frontline 101, to the multi-area Combi Controller.

All controllers are capable of monitoring flammable gas, toxic gas or Oxygen depletion/enrichment. Our dedicated team of Service Engineers will also be able to help you decide which product is suitable for your requirements and your application.


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Sampling Systems

Sampling Systems

Sample systems can be used to effectively monitor one or more gas types from a remote, or inaccessible location. Frontline Safety can provide single point sample units or sequential systems for 1-20, or 1-48 sample points. The sample system can also monitor a combination of different gases simultaneously by passing a common air/gas sample over a number of different sensors within the same enclosure. Sampling systems provide an effective solution to monitoring gases where the use of fixed sensors is impractical.

Traditionally, gas detection systems rely on a number of fixed detectors determining the levels of gas by passive diffusion (that is, allowing the natural of movement of gases across the sensor element of the detector). The detectors will need to be maintained and calibrated regularly and yet the ideal location for the sensor – with respect to the likely dissipation patterns of the target gas – may not allow for easy access to the instrument.

Sample systems can over-come access restrictions by using a series of sample lines (typically 6mm diameter flexible tubing) to draw the air/gas mixture over one, or more, sensors located in an accessible location.

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Frontline Safety provides sensors for monitoring of flammable gases, toxic gases and Oxygen enrichment/depletion. Sensors are an essential component of systems detecting unusual or hazardous levels of gas. In the event of a gas leak the sensor will provide an early warning of a potentially hazardous situation.

Frontline Safety supply gas sensors of the following types:

- Catalytic bead sensors for the detection of flammable gases.

- Semiconductor sensors for the monitoring of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and Refrigerant gases.



- Electrochemical sensors for the detection of toxic gases.

- Infra-red sensors for the detection of hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide gases.

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