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Shop our range of Watchgas SST1 single gas detectors. These offer a 2-year maintenance-free solution while also being able to provide real-time readings. 

We also have the SST dock, suited for bump testing, calibrating, and updating monitor settings. This dock is compatible with SST1, SST4, and SST5 monitors. 

Frontline Safety is an official Master Distributor of Watchgas' top-of-the-range gas detection equipment. 

Gas Detection - Frontline Safety Overview

Read our gas detection overview for a full breakdown of various gas detection types. 

Working Safely in Confined Spaces

Please read our blog for more information on the hazards of confined spaces and how to work safely. 

Gas Detection in ATEX Rated Zones

Read our guide for more information on the type of gas detection required in ATEX-rated zones. 

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Gas Detector Servicing

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