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Frontline Safety has provided gas detection, breathing apparatus, dust, noise and air monitoring, temperature equipment and PPE for over 10 years. We also provide our range of fixed gas detection systems and calibration equipment. As well as providing occupational health and safety equipment, we can service and calibrate a wide range of equipment we supply in our fully equipped service centre and skilled range of in-house and on-site engineers.

Buying from Frontline Safety means you will have access to thousands of products and a dedicated sales and service team who can guide you through the services and products we can provide. We have an extensive hire fleet available for deploying straight into the field from our warehouse.   

A variety of portable gas detector maintenance services are provided by Frontline Safety UK Ltd, all of which comply to established requirements and guidelines. Frontline Safety's experts may offer recommendations that go above and beyond the minimum requirements, enabling you to get the most out of your equipment in the long run regarding cost-effectiveness and operational readiness.

ATEX Rated - What Gas Detection Should I Use?

This blog looks at ATEX ratings and what type of gas detection you need in these areas. 

Maintenance and Cleaning of your Gas Detector

In this blog, we discuss best practices for cleaning your gas detector. 

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This blog explores the risks and hazards of CO2 in breweries.

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