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Pentane - Gas Profile



Pentane (CH512) gas is colourless and smells gasoline-like. Like methane, butane and ethane, pentane is a hydrocarbon and makes up part of natural gas. Hydrocarbons are found in natural gas and are used to create fossil fuels. 

As well as the other hydrocarbon group, pentane can go through hydrocarbon combustion that gives off heat. However, unlike the other hydrocarbons, pentane is removed from fossil fuels before being provided to society as an energy source for things such as central heating. Pentane, as well as being very flammable, can be very dangerous to humans. It can be fatal if swallowed or enters the airways and can cause dizziness and drowsiness.

Pentane has a melting point of -129.8 Celsius and a boiling point of 36.1 Celsius. It is mainly used as a raw material to create a blowing agent utilised to create polystyrene and other kinds of foam. Polystyrene can be used to make insulation for refrigeration systems and heating pipes. It is also used often in laboratories as a solvent as it can evaporate easily and quickly and is relatively inexpensive.

Fun Fact – Due to its very low boiling point, pentane is able to evaporate at room temperature 

Applications used in

  • Oil and Gas
  • Polystyrene production

Assessment of the Dangerous Toxic Load (DTL) for Specified Level of Toxicity (SLOT) and Significant Likelihood of Death (SLOD)

  • CAS number - 7782-50-5
  • 'n' value - 2
  • SLOT DTL (ppmn.min) - 1.08 x 105
  • SLOD DTL (ppmn.min) - 4.84 x 105