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Gas Detectors & Gas Monitoring Systems

Gas detectors are at the forefront of Frontline Safety’s product offering.  With more than three different types of gas detectors, five manufacturers, over 20 types of monitors and gases you can be assured we will find you the correct gas monitor for your application.  Shop now for portable single and multi gas detectors and also fixed gas and flame detection systems.  Additional help can also be offered to you by our dedicated service and sales teams.

Drager, MSA, BW, RAE Systems and Scott Safety all offer fixed and portable gas alarms for a range of gases. This includes carbon monoxide detectors, oxygen detectors, hydrogen cyanide detectors, carbon dioxide detectors as well as many more. A gas monitor is designed to alarm at the presence of a specific gas and when worn in your personal breathing space will ensure that you are alerted to any danger. Frontline Safety is also an approved service centre of many of our brands and can offer service and calibration of your gas detectors.