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Frontline Safety is an official distributor of Honeywell gas and flame detection products and supplies a full range of products and solutions for a wide range of industries. Honeywell has a range of technologies and devices ideal for applications like boiler rooms and swimming pools, petrochemical plants and offshore oil refineries. As well as having their own Honeywell products, they have Honeywell BW Technologies, Honeywell RAE Systems and Honeywell Miller, so no matter what your requirements may be, Honeywell will have a solution in their wide product range of solutions.

The Honeywell gas detector range includes a wide range of fixed gas detection. As an official Honeywell gas distributor, we can supply a wide range of Honeywell fire and gas detectors, systems, sensors and also Honeywell gas detection software. Honeywell provides systems with some of the industry's most advanced technologies, including the open path gas detector - the Searchline Excel, Honeywell Optima Plus, Honeywell Sensepoint XCD and XRL and has a range of transmitters, controllers and sensors to build fully comprehensive fixed gas and flame solution. The systems have many sensors, including hydrogen gas detectors, PID detectors and toxic and flammable gases.

Honeywell also provide CO2 Air monitoring solutions with their Honeywell Transmission Risk Air Monitor. Its small compact design is the perfect solution for carbon monoxide (CO2) monitoring indoors and is highly recommended for public places like schools, restaurants, offices and public spaces that have a high risk airborne viral transmissions.  

Frontline Safety has a team of qualified gas system engineers who can design, commission and install a complete Honeywell fixed gas system with your requirements in mind. Our service engineers are fully trained and experienced in servicing and calibrating Honeywell gas systems. They can offer service contracts with call-out services to ensure your system functions optimally. Visit our Fixed Fire & Gas Systems site for more information on the services provided.

Fixed gas detection is at the forefront of Frontline Safety’s product offering. We can offer the sale, commissioning and installation of fixed gas detection systems from manufacturers. Fixed detectors are ideal for areas in power generation, landfill sites, food processing, laboratories, for combustible detection in medical applications. 

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